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James is available to edit manuscripts, poems, short stories, and literary translations. Editing clients have seen their work published in leading magazines such as Gutter, Poetry Scotland, World Literature Today, and Acumen.

For a quote, write to James at the address below. Please use the subject line 'Editing Services' and explain your requirements in full.

'When I approached James with the idea to start Outcrop Poetry, his guidance and support was extremely useful. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has all the technical know-how you need, and the ability to deliver it in a useful and collaborative way.'

'James Appleby combines a sensitive ear for the world's languages with a charming rapport with the authors fortunate enough to swim into his ken. His skills as poet, translator and literary editor equip him to add generous value to any author's manuscript.'

Haig Lucas

Editor of Outcrop Poetry

'James has a true eye for editing. He can see the potential of your work, handling it with care and changing only what needs to be changed.

A piece that he edited was my first publication in Gutter, one of the country's top poetry magazines.'


Shuyi Mao, poet
Published in Gutter and Interpret

"James Appleby edited my literal translation of Classical Chinese poetry into a piece of English worthy of publication in a top UK literary magazine. He is sensitive to cultural and linguistic nuance and I recommend him to any client.'

Wesley Deng, translator
Published in Acumen

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